Carol Harrison B.Ed. is a storyteller, speaker, writer, teacher,and facilitator who loves to share from her heart one on one or with any size of group.

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NaNoWriMo 2017

Today begins a month of novel writing for many people. November has been designated as NaNoWriMo – national novel writing month. The challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to write 50,000 words on a novel. A writer can have a story outline, plot details, character sketches and research done before November 1 but […]

Creativity & Ideas – Used or On the Shelf?

Sometimes ideas race through my mind, begging to escape, to be used in creative endeavors. I long to shut myself off from the rest of life and pursue them before they vanish. Yet many times the practical obligations or fun memory making moments do not allow time to devote to creative pursuits. Then I jot […]


Have you ever had a time when you wished you could do something like another person? I have – many times, too many times over the years. I always wanted to play the piano like my Aunt Sophie or my mom’s cousin Joanne. But although I learned to play the piano acceptably, I never attained […]


Have you ever had a makeover? Did you have a change of hairstyle or colour, or maybe some wardrobe updates? A few years ago I knew I needed a lifestyle makeover – a time to change my behaviours with my eating and getting more active. My asthma had been under control for at least two […]

Spiritual Renewal

Do you ever wish you could simply run away for a day or two? Maybe a retreat in order to take time to reflect, regroup and be renewed? There are times I want to retreat from the busy activities of everyday life and have the opportunity to simply be. But life does not always allow […]

Decluttering Life – paperwork

I have thought a lot about decluttering – the cleaning up and organinzing in various areas of my life in the last year – well even before that but it is a reoccurring theme for me. I do not think I need to only analyze and possibly change things only at the beginning of a […]

Fresh Start

Spring – a time of fresh starts for trees, plants and bird families. As my husband and I drove to Edmonton at the end of April, we noticed cows in the pasture with calves by their sides. A friend of mine raises sheep and she has posted a few photos of lambs, twins, born in […]


Spring arrived in March according to the calendar. However, here in Saskatchewan the spring season often does not truly arrive until late April or into May. The temperatures today, the green in the grass and a few early flowers poking their valiant heads through the winter debris show me that spring is finally here. I […]

How Writing Makes You Feel?

I attended a workshop for writers this past Saturday and answering the question, “How does writing make you feel?” was the first writing exercise. I looked at the blank lines of the paper in front of me, my pen clutched in my fingers, poised to write – what? I looked around the room and saw […]

Tracking Accomplishments

At the beginning of January, the start of a new calendar year, many people make resolutions or set new goals. By February, or before, our resolutions have faded into memory, our to do list appears so long we may never complete it and goals to be reached might seem unreachable. I am no exception. I […]