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Have you ever had a time when you wished you could do something like another person? I have – many times, too many times over the years. I always wanted to play the piano like my Aunt Sophie or my mom’s cousin Joanne. But although I learned to play the piano acceptably, I never attained my coveted goal.

I wanted to be able to sew like my mother or several friends I met along the way who could create amazing clothes, quilts, decorative pieces and even doll clothes. But although I learned the basics of sewing and could do some simple things, I struggled with the imperfections I always noticed. Sewing did not energize me.

I admired and yes became jealous at times of my friends ability to decorate her home to look like a magazine spread and yet still be homey. Mine never looked and still doesn’t look like that. Another friend has the gift of hospitality of which I have often been the recipient. But although I love to visit with people I never remember to offer them a cup of coffee and always wonder if my house is too messy for them to be comfortable.

You get the idea – I compare myself to others and find myself lacking. I am not the housekeeper my mother or her sisters were. I have a black thumb, even though my mother and her mother before her could grow anything. How often have I looked at what I can not do as well as someone else and feel like a failure or become jealous.


My husband, Brian, encourages me to look at what I can do – what God has gifted me to do. He reminds me to believe what others tell me about the positives they see in my life. I talked to my Aunt Sophie several months ago and discovered, in the course of our conversation, that she always felt like she could never measure up to her sisters or to other people she admired. I had a hard time believing her – this was the aunt I admired for her piano playing, her housekeeping, her gardening and her quiet love for God and family. I shared with her my insecurities and her answer was, “But you were so smart in your studies. You went far in school and learned things easily.”

God has gifted each one of us. We are unique individuals with our own skills and abilities. If all of us were amazing musicians where would the homemakers, bakers, artists and carpenters be? I have to look at the positives that others see in me when I do not always see them for myself.

I read a devotional that talked about gift envy and knew this fit with what I felt so often. I need to thank God for my abilities and be available to use them – He gave them to me for a purpose. God has a plan for each of our lives – uniquely suited to who He created us to be and the tasks He has planned for us.

I have begun to look at what I do – what I love to do – what energizes me and what I have received positive feedback on. Now I need to be thankful for the ability to study, to learn, to speak and yes even to write stories that will touch the hearts and lives of other people. I believe God has given me the ability to connect through stories with others. I need only trust Him, be available and leave the insecurities and jealousy where they belong – forgiven and hidden by God.

I know the plans

What about you? What skills and abilities do you have? What energizes you? If you struggle with identifying them – ask a trusted friend or two what they see as your abilities. Then go out and enjoy being you as you use those skills, abilities and gifts. Let’s count our blessings instead of someone else’s

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