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Take Off the Masks


Masks, some beautiful creations – bejeweled, trimmed in feathers and brilliant colours, hide the wearer’s identity. They can serve a purpose at a fun masked party or ball. They might work well in an artistic dramatic event or even grace the walls of our homes to add beauty and mystery.

Yet how often do we don another form of mask? We hide behind the words, “I’m fine.” when the reality of our situation is devastating, hurtful or fear filled. We paste on a smile that does not reach our eyes and hope no one notices the lack of a sparkle in our eyes or bounce in our step. We talk of superficial things like weather or our week’s activities and never go deeper – into how we feel, what we are thinking and definitely never sharing our heart’s needs.


We cover ourselves with protective masks, longing for love and kindness but not knowing how to open up, maybe even to our trusted friends. Or maybe the hurts of life have forced us to cover ourselves, to withdraw in case no one understands or adds to our pain. Insecurities dictate a mask – that face which keeps others at bay.

I am not a poet – never claim to be one and yet I tried my hand at this during a time when I felt vulnerable. Life events had made me wonder if a mask might be the way to go. My friends must be tired of hearing about the daily struggles.


Gorgeous masterpiece of protective beauty
Snuggly fitting,
Invisible edges hiding its existence
My constant companion
Firmly fixed smile,
Eyes devoid of twinkles

Vulnerability hidden beneath its shadow
Allowing no one in
Striving for safety
A sense of control
Giving the impression life is good.

Safe in the stillness of evening
Locked away at home
The mask slips off
Laid aside for tomorrow’s adventure

I peer at my naked face
Cracks mar its surface
I weep at the void of care and love
Crumbling me to dust

The snug fitting mask
Invisible lines hiding its existence
Gorgeous masterpiece of protective beauty
Is the death of me.

I never found the words to talk about leaving the mask behind and finding healing for the cracks yet I know this is necessary. In life I have friends who do not tire of hearing about the real me with all my faults, struggles and discouraging life events. They also encourage me, pray for me and keep on loving me for who I am.
I am blessed with a husband who loves me as I am – each wrinkle, foible and encourages me to be the person God gifted me to be.

How about you? Are you struggling with taking off the mask and being real? Do you have people in your life who will enourage you and who love you for who you are and what they know God has gifted you to be? I pray it is so.

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