Carol Harrison B.Ed. is a storyteller, speaker, writer, teacher,and facilitator who loves to share from her heart one on one or with any size of group.

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Spiritual Renewal

spiritual renewal2

Do you ever wish you could simply run away for a day or two? Maybe a retreat in order to take time to reflect, regroup and be renewed? There are times I want to retreat from the busy activities of everyday life and have the opportunity to simply be. But life does not always allow us to do that. Yet I find myself longing for a renewal that simply comes with making time to be in God’s Word, listen to uplifting music and be encouraged that God is always right here – He is never too busy – only I get that way.

How do I make time to be renewed mentally, emotionally and spiritually? To be honest, it is something I have been wrestling with over the last few months. I know that if I am in a spiritually dry place the mental and emotional aspects to who I am also are in a down place and tears will be close. Too often I allow life’s activities, the needs of family or simply discouragement get in the way of time to read my Bible, listen to music and reflect on the promises of God.

How can I overcome this? I need to set aside time each day for the reading and simply put music on even when I write. I know from past experience how refreshing this is. It quenches the dryness of the desert and encourages me to know I am not alone.

faith quote

trust in the lord

I simply need to run to Jesus, trust in God with all my heart and make time to hear from Him through His word.
What do you do to refresh your mental, emotional and spiritual life?

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