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Hoarder, Minimalist or Somewhere In Between?


I am not a minimalist. I do not think I am a hoarder either but my tendencies lie somewhere in between the two extremes. I enjoy having more things around – clutter to some – than many other people do. Yet I have downsized often as we moved from one community to another or to different locations within the same community.

I love to tell the stories associated with many of my possessions. In fact, the story is as important as the prettiness of the piece. I use them as illustrations, to share family history with my grandchildren and simply to entertain a visitor or when I give a speech. IMG_5442
These little china ornamental shoes have often been the object of a story, a lesson, an illustration and a source of a fond memory of my grandmother. For now I have decluttered as much as I want to. It does not mean some items will not leave my house in the future. As I get older I realize it might be a good idea to share more stories and items with interested family members.


However, there are other places and things in my apartment that need to be carefully sorted through and I need to ask myself tough questions such as why do I have this piece? The clothes closet and dresser drawers fall into this category. I used to hang on to clothes I no longer wore. I know there are posts about paring a wardrobe down to less than fifty items but I know this is not me. I have sorted the clothes in our home and donated still good, useable items so others can benefit. If it does not fit, I have not worn it all year or I do not love it, why keep it. Sometimes I hang on to a few pieces just in case and later wonder why?

clothing giveaway

For the last few years ladies in our church have organized a clothing give away for people in our community. Many people living close to the church are immigrants or from a low economic demographic. It is a great way to bless others and have a chance to visit with and encourage those who live around us. This also offers an incentive to take a good look through our clothing and see what we can share with others. Nothing that is worn, tattered or stained makes it to the give away tables which I appreciate.

Spring is here and before heading out to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities I think it might be time to refresh the inside of my home and bless someone else with useable clothing and other items.

How about you? Are you a minimalist, a hoarder or do you fit somewhere in between? What do you do to organize and refresh your closets, drawers and home?

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