Carol Harrison B.Ed. is a storyteller, speaker, writer, teacher,and facilitator who loves to share from her heart one on one or with any size of group.

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Puzzle Pieces of Family & Community

Our lives have many pieces to them. At times they blur together in a massive pile, waiting to be sorted out. At other times they blend together with similar colours, textures, designs. Two puzzle pieces of all our lives are family and community. They are combinations of both the light and shadows of our picture. […]

Light in Our Puzzle of Life

The beauty of light in any picture we look at, the finished puzzle piece gives us something positive to focus on. If you are like me, your eye is drawn to the bright spots in art, a picture and most importantly in life. Too often I focus on the negative voices in my head reminding […]

The Beauty of the Shadows

I grew up in the city and learned to take the bus across the city to kindergarten which was not in the school system at the time. My grandmother lived down that same street but too far for a little girl to walk. But the bus took me right to her place. I continued to […]

Light & Shadows

Every puzzle picture, every photo, and images we see each day contain elements of light and shadow. Our lives also contain both of these – light and shadows. Yet as we look at the picture of the finished puzzle the shadows are an intricate part of making the entire picture less boring. A flat, all […]

Surviving the Bumps in the Road

Sometimes the bumps in the road, the tough times of our lives feel like a huge weight we drag behind us. We struggle to see the positives and wonder if we will ever get out of the difficulty. I have experienced a number of huge bumps. I wondered if the puzzle pieces of my life […]


The dictionary defines acceptance as the action of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted to a group. But acceptance can also mean the act of taking something which is offered as in a job or accepting an apology. God has made us with a desire to be accepted. There are times […]

Our Unique Puzzle Pieces

Every puzzle has edge pieces. On a square or rectangular puzzle, the outside edge will be smooth, allowing it to be easily identified as an edge piece. This is the only part of a puzzle that makes sense to me as I look over the sea of pieces. Each person’s life has many parts and […]

Puzzle Pieces of Life

Do you enjoy setting puzzle pieces together? I am not an avid, or even occasional puzzle lover. I look at all the little pieces, often with similar colours and wonder where to even begin without picking up dozens of pieces to try in the same spot, well at least after the edge pieces. As a […]