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Light in Our Puzzle of Life

puzzle light

The beauty of light in any picture we look at, the finished puzzle piece gives us something positive to focus on. If you are like me, your eye is drawn to the bright spots in art, a picture and most importantly in life. Too often I focus on the negative voices in my head reminding me of the problems, what has not been completed or what could have been done better. Yet I long for the positive and if I am totally honest, for unattainable perfection. I do not think I am alone in this – it is likely more common than I realize.

But life is made up of not only the shadows, the tough times, but fun events and positive memorable moments. I love to look back at photos of my children or grandchildren when they were younger and remember the fun they could have with an old stool, an overturned toybox or banging on pots and pans. Simple, everyday items but with their imaginations those things became part of an adventure and brought happiness to the children and those of us watching them.

An old stool made by my grandfather for my folks had been recovered several times. By the time it lived at my house it had seen many children sit on it, play beside it and adults use it as a footstool to rest their tired feet. My grandchildren used to turn it over and climb inside. Gripping two of the legs it soon became their airplane, car, truck or boat depending on where their imaginations took them. I smiled and sometimes laughed out loud as I watched each of them take their turns with this stool. It always annoyed them and amused me when they finally grew big enough they no longer fit into the opening.

happy story

Now I watch my grandchildren, most of whom are teens or young adults and see other ways they express the light in their lives. It brings a smile to my face when I see them try something new, learn to cope with new situations and overcome fears. I love the hugs, the smiles and times together. One of them is an artist, another makes amazing furniture pieces from wood and others follow their interests. Yet the bright and light spots are not all that make up their lives.

We love the light parts of the puzzle pieces of our lives. It is good to cherish those memories and enjoy the brightness of the present. How do we preserve these for ourselves so we can look at them during the times of shadows? How do we let others know they brighten our day?

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