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What’s Your Gift, Talent or Ability?


I believe that each person has unique abilities, skills, talents and gifts. Sometimes they are easy to spot but at other times they seem to be hidden in the shadows of pressing matters and the tough puzzle pieces of life.

There are things I know how to do reasonably well but not at a level of great talent or skill. Many years of piano lessons as a young girl mean I know how to play a piano – at least for my own enjoyment. As a teacher, in younger grades, I could play well enough to accompany my class while they sang a simple Christmas song. In several very small churches we attended over the years, my piano playing helped in a morning service or for a funeral but only because I had learned to play the old hymns. I have known people who played the piano with great skill. They went on to be concert pianists or serve in large places with their abilities.

For years I wanted to be like someone else. I wanted my skills in music to rival those of gifted musicians I met. At times I wanted to sing like a recording artist or draw and paint like others I had met. I must admit I envied homemaking abilities. I wanted to be able to sew like my mother or keep house like she and her sisters did and made it appear effortless. I spent so much time longing for what I thought I wanted and did not have that I could not or would not admit to possessing any special ability, skill talent or gift myself.

I realize it can be easier to see the abilities other people possess. Watching them and trying to emulate them helps us learn and enjoy but does it also cloud our ability to discover what we have been gifted with? In my case I believe it did for a long time. My “gift envy” caused me to doubt myself. The negative, inside voice, downplayed anything I attempted to do. I felt like there were no puzzle pieces marked with ability, skill, gift or talent in the pile that belonged to me.


It took me years to learn that all of us have abilities. They show up in different ways but they are there. Some need to be cultivated and allowed to blossom. Ephesians 2: 10 says we are God’s workmanship – his masterpiece. He has created us as unique individuals and given us what we need. All the pieces are there and ready to be discovered.

god's masterpiece

What are your gifts, talents, abilities or skills? How are you nurturing and using them?

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