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Finding Your Spiritual Gifts


We all have abilities in various areas. Some excel in math and science. Others in the arts or reading and writing. Still others can create incredible fashions, food or programs. In addition, I believe the Bible when it tells me that each person who believes in Jesus as the way of salvation, receives a spiritual gift. In Romans 12, I Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4, Paul writes about the body of believers and compares it to a human body. The body has many parts but is one body. So the church has many members who have different God given gifts to be used to help others in the church and outside.

I had read these passages many times. I did not know a lot about the various gifts that were mentioned, although more about some than others. It took until into my forties to hear more teaching about these gifts, why God gives them and how to discover my own.

My one grandson is in Bible School this year and the two of us had a chance to discuss this a few days ago. I pulled out my spiritual gifts test I had done a number of years ago and gave him a blank one to fill out like he hoped to do.

When I had a chance to take the class about discovering not only my spiritual gift(s) but also by adding in my skills, abilities and passions,I was able to find my ideal place in the life of church ministry. Every person is important. Every ability and God given gift is important. Some such as preaching or teaching or music are in front of the people and more noticeable but where would we be without those gifted individuals who help others. There gifts are used in the background but are no less important.

At the beginning of the spiritual gifts questionnaire it said, “It is important that you answer these questions according to who your are today, not according to who you would like to be, or how you think you ought to be.”
Wow this hit home with my gift envy voice playing in my mind. This struck a chord about what I wished for compared to what God had given me to do. He only asked me to be aware and use what he had gifted me to do.

We also asked some trusted friends or family – people who knew us well – to tell us what they saw in us and then compiled all the information. Once I knew what I had been gifted to do I needed to follow through and use thoseT abilities and gifts.
be yourself 6

What was I gifted at? I have taken a spiritual gifts assessment quiz from several sources, each with a bit differently worded questions and at different times in my life since 1999. The top result has always been the same – the gift of teaching followed closely by Exhortation ( counselling, encouraging) and the one I redid as I prepared this blog post had Creative communication along with the Exhortation. Other have told me they see these gifts in me as well. This is what God has gifted me to do. He has given me natural abilities and I have learned skills which I an also use in these areas but I need to be myself – who God created me to be as I use these.

Do you know what your spiritual gift(s) is? Have you ever had the opportunity to take a close look at this subject? What do others see in you?

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