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Saying Yes to God and Using My Gifts and Abilities


Finding out – discovering my abilities and gifts is one part of the puzzle. What I do with my discoveries about myself is another piece of the puzzle. I like the quote in this clip art – What I do with the gift God has given me is my gift back to Him.

I have always loved to learn. Even as a child, my favourite activity was reading and learning. I enjoyed the challenge of something new – well most of the time – except in subjects like Math and Science. This love of learning and studying has never left. I also like to share it with others.

Years ago I chose to go into teaching. In some ways it seemed like a decision by default since I did not think I wanted to be a nurse – too much science to learn – and the other, most often chosen professional for a young lady was being a secretary. I could type well and filing made perfect sense but I preferred the possibilities of sharing my love of school and knowledge.


I also had a plan. My choice meant being a school teacher for young children – maybe to grade four at the highest. I liked the young children. I taught Sunday school to the little ones, even the preschool age. Teenagers frightened me and adults intimidated me since I was fairly shy – a bookworm really.

I never though much about how to use my abilities and skills in ministry except teaching children in Sunday school or a mid week children’s program. But God had other ideas for my life. He used people and experiences to teach me. He showed me through Bible study and classes that teaching is not necessarily in the classroom. When I no longer taught in a school setting I could still use the gift of teaching.

In the last ten years God has stretched me far beyond my initial comfort zone. He has taken random pieces of the puzzle and put them together in a different way. He added teaching adults – a women’s Bible
and gave me a love for doing it. Then he pushed me further and used ladies I taught to affirm I needed to speak to women’s ministry groups. He added speaking at Bible camps where I can use the creative communication skills and gifts to grab the attention of the children and the teens who work with them.


There are times I wonder about all the different ages and venues and yet God has clearly let me know that I need to only look to Him and say yes. Be available. Be ready. Use what He has gifted me to do. I teach through stories both orally presented and in writing and God does what needs to be done with them.

I have been amazed at how God has used this love of learning and telling stories to share what God has done in my life and how he is waiting to work in everyone’s lives. I have heard wonderful stories from others. I have had people encourage me and affirm what they see in my life that is positive.

Have you given all the puzzle pieces of your life to God and allowed him to start making a beautiful picture. I choose to let God have all the gifts and abilities he has given me. It is my gift to him.

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