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Be Kind To One Another


Being kind, according to the dictionary includes things like being friendly, generous and considerate. I read one time that kindness is love in working clothes. It involves doing something nice for someone else to show them we care.

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I love this word picture from scripture – clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness. . . Put it on like a beautiful garment – one that never goes out of fashion and looks good on everyone.

Kindness can take many forms. In depends on the person’s needs and situation as to what kindness might look like. It might be a smile, a listening ear, giving someone a ride or bringing them some food when they are hurting. Other times it might look different. We need to be open to possibilities to show kindness to someone else.

A few years ago I fell as I tried to walk carefully across an icy parking lot. I landed on my right knee with a thud and pain shot through the knee, then radiated up and down the leg. I knew from past experience ( yes I am a clutz) that falling on a knee causes a lot of pain, even when the injury is not serious.

The ladies whom I had just been a speaker for at their retreat offered to drive me home. I thought if I sat in the car for a few moments I would drive myself and let them go home to their husbands and families. They brought my car close and helped me up. Several stayed with me until the shock of the fall wore off a bit. I phoned my husband to warn him of my clumsiness in case I needed him to come and rescue me part way home.

By the time I drove the rest of the way into the city and pulled into our parking spot the knee no longer wanted to bend and the pain had become more severe. I phoned my husband to come out and take me to the ER. The X-ray revealed a piece of bone had broken out of the knee joint and I needed to be off my leg for six weeks and then another six weeks of partial to full weigh bearing on it.

Crutches and I did not get along well and winter, with its ice and snow still held a firm grip on the outside landscape. Ladies from church brought suppers for a week while my husband needed to be out of town. My father helped take me for X-rays when I needed them. Phone calls helped pass the time. But towards the end of the six weeks my friend phoned and said she wanted to come and look after my feet since she knew I likely had not been able to and would not have asked anyone else.

My friend came and sat at my feet while we visited. After allowing my feet to soak in a basin of warm water she gently dried them. Then she clipped and filed my toe nails. She added a bonus – she polished them too so I could feel pretty and pampered. What a beautiful act of kindness. I have never forgotten how much that unexpected act encouraged me, helped me and made me feel special and humbled.

What acts of kindness has someone shown you? What have you done to bestow kindness on another person. We need to scatter seeds of kindness everyday. We might never know how much it means to the person we do it for.

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