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Ready For Adventure


What constitutes adventure in your life? There are times our family has lived an adventurous life – at least other people tell me when they hear some of my stories. This city girl married a farm boy almost forty-three years ago and our adventure together began.

We had both trained as teachers and needed a job in the same place. The solution meant leaving city life and farm living to journey to the remote Northern Saskatchewan fly in community of Wollaston Post. My position involved teaching kindergarten to students who arrived at school knowing two words of English – teacher and toilet. My husband would teach grade one.

dog team

This community had no telephone, no television and inconsistent radio reception. It boasted a five room school, one store, a nursing station and a Roman Catholic mission as well as an airstrip. Dogs outnumbered people in August of 1977 when we arrived since most of the community trusted dogs to pull sleds better than these new fangled machines called skidoos.


The scheduled flight arrived twice a week, brining people, supplies and mail. The heavy items, non perishable items needed to be ordered to arrive by truck across the winter road. However, when we arrived and visited the store to buy our groceries, the shelves were bare. The previous manager had forgot to get the proper ordering done and the expense of flying in groceries made the cost of buying them too high. The people still hunted, fished and trapped but we came with nothing. For the next six weeks we lived on canned bacon, canned ham and SPAM. I borrowed some flour and sugar and paid the price to acquire groceries arriving each week – not much and very pricey. We stayed in this community for three years, teaching school, starting our family and having adventures I had never thought about before I began to experience life in the North, in the middle of a different culture.

I have begun taking a trip down memory lane, reliving past adventures even as new ones are being planned. It has been interesting to reminisce with my husband and gather his memories to compile a more rounded glimpse into our past.

memory lane

I have told the stories to the amazement of my children, grandchildren and friends. Now I am beginning to write them down to pass on the next generations so they can try and picture our adventurous life.

Have you had a few adventures during your life’s journey? Are you sharing them with family, friends and other people?


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